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More Services

Dr. Derek Morrison also provides these additional services: colonoscopies, EGD's, Nerve Conduction Studies and In-Clinic Circumcisions. 

Dr.Scott Roush is Board Certified in Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

Dr. John Washburn does obstetrics along with C-sections.  

Ozarks Family Care's services include:

Children and Young Adults: health maintenance services, physicals and sick care

Adults: wellness care/routine physicals to disease management, gynecological care, geriatric care management, and sick care.

EKG's: (electrocardiogram) (EKG or ECG) is a test that checks for problems with the electrical activity of your heart.

In- House Laboratory: Our in- house lab through Boyce and Bynum allows you to have throat cultures, urinalysis and blood tests completed as well as routine labs.

Minor Skin Surgery: Skin biopsies and minor skin surgery completed on-site

Routine Adult Vaccinations & TB testing